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Successful Fundraising In The Midst Of Covid-19

Most charitable organizations and non-profits have had to tweak their fundraising efforts and marketing tactics due to the safety restrictions brought about by the covid-19 pandemic. But as you might well know, the fundraising for your community food outreach must go on. But you also need to recognize that you can’t just go about your


Important Tips to Note Before Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign for a Small Business

There are several ways to finance a small business, one of them being crowdfunding. Since the development of websites enabling individuals to source funds from a large pool of investors, crowdfunding became increasingly popular among first-time entrepreneurs and people seeking donations for certain causes. But this campaign isn’t necessarily the easier to way go, nor is

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Dealing with Annoying People

No man is an island. Our lives won’t be fulfilling without the company of good friends and the presence of our loving families. As we grow up, we get to meet different people who will somehow have an impact on our lives. Some of them might be those from your neighborhood, school, workplace, or Presbyterian

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Minorities Dominate North Carolina Prisons

More than 60 percent of all North Carolina prison inmates are minorities. Blacks, Native Americans, and Latinos are disproportionally represented, but there are several reasons for this. Unsentenced Inmates More than two-thirds of prison inmates have yet to be proven guilty. These inmates have ongoing trials or are still waiting for their trial to start.

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