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Non-profit Employee Management: The Talent Acquisition/Retention Challenge

Even non-profit organizations require the expertise of particular talents to advance their missions. The problem is, many challenges stop them from attracting the top talents in the industry and stay long enough for the organization to grow. Without the right manpower, any organization can crumble, even the most popular non-profits. Talent Acquisition and Retention: Challenges

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Easing the Burdens of Single Parents

Findings from studies by Pew Research Center reveal that in the United States alone, 23 percent of children younger than 18 only live with one parent. This is the highest rate for single-parent households in the world. Women lead an estimated 81 percent of these households, while the remaining 19 percent see men leading their own

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Important Considerations When Starting a Non-profit Organization

Running a non-profit organization can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever go through in life. But before you decide on saving the world, here are four essential tips to consider. In the Eyes of the Law In general terms, the purpose of a non-profit organization is to improve the lives of

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Communities Should Invest In Learning Opportunities For Its Members

Times have been tough, and that statement alone doesn’t begin to explain the many challenges and setbacks families across the world had to face over these past few months, clinging onto whatever hope and opportunity would come their way. As a result, various people were forced to let go of things they enjoyed, their free

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Non-profit Organizations You Should Be Supporting

When the topic of helping non-profit organizations comes up, some people tend to think that it has to be financial help. Of course, money makes the world goes round, and it can go a long way, but you could also consider volunteering in many ways if helping out financially might not be something you can

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Community Programs That Support Low-income Families

Governments have enacted different support programs for low-income families, single mothers, senior citizens, physically disabled people, and children to help them get through the lack of living wages and the lack of access to health care and educational opportunities. Extensive research already showed that these programs helped people lift themselves from poverty so that the

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Why Be Part of the Birdwatching Community

A wise man once said, “If you want to live a happy life, it’s quite impossible to do so without having a hobby.” That’s probably why people try all sorts of things to find out what makes them happy or what keeps them passionate and driven. With the extremely long list of hobbies that you can

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Making Your Community Safer for Women and Children

No man is an island, and that statement is especially true when talking about community safety. You can have the most sophisticated locks in the world, but you would still be at risk because the rest of your area is not safe. Your wife, sister, or children may still be unsafe once they leave the

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Finding Balance In Your Life: The Importance Of Daily Examen

We all engage in the act of reflection, whether voluntarily or unconsciously, to reminisce and analyze life’s ups and downs, to make meaning of it all, is part of our nature as people. At our core, we are social beings that think rationally about the consequences of our actions before, during, and after we do

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Civil Unrest and the Threat to Your Business: What to Do

With the increasing chance of civil unrest, many business owners are getting nervous. The threat of rioters and looting is a very real one. Cities experienced billions of dollars in damages from these riots. If you don’t take it seriously, you might end up losing money as your business goes up in flames and your

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